In emergency cases, a quick result is preferable for both health professionals and patients as it helps to make faster health-related choices, improving the quality of treatment. 

This is where a handheld ultrasound device comes in handy! Our range of Clarius devices enables the opportunity of fast imagery and precise detail. 


So, how can these devices be used in and for emergencies? 

Ultrasound devices can be used to: 

  • Help make quick decisions – due to the increased efficiency levels; decision making also becomes a faster process aiding the entire experience from both perspectives. 
  • Detect possible life-threatening illnesses – as we know, early detection is vital to treatment, as it can help prevent further complications. 
  • Advance the operational organisation of emergency patients – by ensuring a smooth sailing process; this increases patient trust and security, creating a positive environment for all. 


What are the benefits of our handheld ultrasound devices? 

  • They are portable and facilitated to suit a variety of devices – our devices are designed to fit frequently used devices such as mobile phones and iPad’s. This means you can have the option to see from a screen that you prefer and also expands your range of device choices for this particular use. 
  • Infection control – with the times that we’re in especially, hygiene is key; through the use of these devices, exposure can be kept to a minimum and sanitisation measures can be monitored accordingly. 
  • A broader range of features and operations enables a variety of ailments to be looked at in greater detail throughout the detection and diagnosis process. It also means that there are more functions to be utilised to ensure better practice.