With decades of experience in the medical imaging industry Clarius have a wide range of qualified experts working together to revolutionise the sector. As clinicians rely so heavily on clear and efficient ultrasound images to treat patients – image quality is vital for them. 

How have they impacted the Ultrasound world? 

Referred to as the ‘pioneers’ in the handheld Ultrasound sector, Clarius has undoubtedly had a positive within the industry, supported by healthcare professionals trusting their products for the past few years. 

What new products do they have? 

– The new and improved HD technology was introduced in October 2019 

– The Ultrasound App 8.0 being released on the Apple App Store and Google Play today, users now have access to ground-breaking innovations that: (1) deliver and automate new workflows, (2) refine high-definition imaging, (3) and empower new users to master ultrasound scanning 

– First Ultrasound System That Uses AI and Machine Learning to Recognise Anatomy for an Instant Window into the Body 

– 2-in-1 charging station for the devices, making Clarius a one of a kind stand out in their sector 

– High-Frequency scanners. 

With all the above considered, it is clear that Clarius has set the bar high in providing an overall more expansive range of opportunities and a whole new avenue for the ultrasound devices area.

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