We are pleased to announce that we have been appointed as a UK distributor, meaning we are now responsible for selling products specifically within the UK market. This gives us the privilege of showcasing a wide range of hand-held portable and wireless Ultrasound scanners.

What are the benefits of this? 

  • Fast boot up time, usually below 20 seconds offering a quick, speedy diagnosis
  • Enables a more practical solution; opposed to carrying around a large piece of expensive equipment
  • It’s truly wireless, transportable and easy to operate
  • The multifunctionality of the device enables a broader range of accessibility, expanding the customer outreach
  • Through being a UK Distributor, we can provide more immediate services – saving time and money for all!

Now onto the best part…

  • Best value for handheld ultrasound – Clarius HD scanners come with a 3 year warranty, no additional fees or app/cloud subscriptions, unlimited users across multiple smart devices, unlimited cloud storage and premium performance
  • Best performance for handheld imaging – powered by Octal Beamforming technology providing imaging comparable to many cart-based systems with 8 times the processing power of other handheld ultrasound devices.
  • We have an app dedicated to our services – which is mobile and tablet application friendly, designed to work with various devices in medical settings.
  • It’s suitable for Veterinary and Medical use – click here for examples as shown on our website.
  • We offer rental, payment and financing options.

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