Medical practitioners worldwide are singing the praises of the Clarius HD3. This revolutionary device has transformed the medical world by facilitating instant, high-definition image quality at the touch of a button. 


Used by clinicians across many medical specialties, Clarius now promises to streamline and enhance your OB/GYN procedures with quick, simple, and sanitary scanning at your fingertips.  


What can it do? 

Clarius is perfect for preliminary appointments, routine check-ups, or investigative examinations during all stages of pregnancy. Clarius promises to simplify a variety of OB/GYN procedures, including: 

  • Verify an early pregnancy’s foetal viability and intrauterine location 
  • Assess gestational stage  
  • Complete measurements to verify the estimated due date 
  • Monitor foetal heart rate 
  • Perform antral follicle count for reproductive medicine 
  • Measure amniotic fluid level 
  • Identify pregnancy less than ten weeks 
  • Check the accurate placement of an intrauterine device 


The benefits of Clarius for OB/GYN procedures 

Using Clarius for OB/GYN procedures in your private imaging clinic offers many fantastic benefits, such as:  

  • Gain patient trust with precise imaging instantly  
  • Save time by taking immediate action instead of waiting for bulky cart-based ultrasound machines to be ready 
  • Ideal for practitioners working across multiple sites as Clarius is portable and small enough to fit in your pocket 
  • Clarius provides the outstanding image quality of traditional systems for a fraction of the cost 
  • Clarius is easy to sanitise and clean, simplifying infection control procedures 

Offering exceptionally high-definition imaging thanks to its eight beamformers and 192 piezoelectric elements, the Clarius HD3 promises to revolutionise your OB/GYN examinations throughout the entire gestational period. Benefit from complete portability and a fast, wireless connection and guarantee exceptional patient care every time.  


Want to know more? 

Are you thinking of investing in a Clarius device for your clinic? Discover which device is suitable for your clinic by speaking to our team today.