In a patient facing profession, you need ultrasound you can rely on time after time. Clarius handheld ultrasound devices can offer exceptional imaging that you can trust. Here’s how:


They are wireless and portable

Are you based across multiple practices? Do you work part time in a practice and also teach in a university? Perhaps you are a remote working vet? If so, your Clarius device can travel with you. With Clarius you are not limited to where you can practice. Clarius devices are lightweight and portable making them easy travellers.


They offer best in class imaging

Clarius devices provide exceptional imaging, so you do not need to compromise on quality at your practice.


They are multipurpose

Clarius devices are multiuse. Meaning they can be used across a number of medical professions. Maybe you are a student studying ultrasound and want to explore a number of professions? Perhaps you share a practice with practitioners who practice differing professions, but you all need access to an ultrasound device? Clarius is the answer.


They are a cost-effective solution to traditional ultrasound

A freestanding, wireless ultrasound machine will easily set you back tens of thousands of pounds (and that is preowned). However, for a fraction of the price, you could own a Clarius device that is portable so it can be used anywhere within your practice.


They are IOS and Android compatible

Whether it is an IOS or Android phone or tablet you own (or maybe even both) you are Clarius device will be compatible. You will have guaranteed access to the same functionality, imaging, and storage across multiple devices.


Ready to explore the world of Clarius?

Clarius handheld ultrasound devices are used by thousands of medical and veterinary professionals across the globe. If you would like to speak to our team about investing in a Clarius device, then call us on 0330 0165545. We are the only UK distributor of Clarius Ultrasound Scanners, and stock a wide range of devices suitable for use in veterinary, physio, MSK and much more.