What is Medical Ultrasound Awareness Month? 

Medical Ultrasound Awareness Month is held every year in October. It was created to raise awareness and educate the general publicon the importance of sonographers within the medical field.

What are Ultrasounds used for? 

Ultrasounds are utilised to diagnose a variety of health implications. Some of these include different types of cancers, liver disease, muscles and tendon examinations, diagnosis of blood clots, womb problems, reproductive organs and many more illnesses throughout the body.


How can you get involved? 

Educate yourself and others – there is a wide range of resources available, such as FAQs, fact sheets, ultrasound glossaries from credible websites; reading more into the subject is a great way to get involved as it enables a widened perspective. 

Sharing relevant content on social media and within your networks – this is a great way to spread further awareness and share what you’ve learned from your findings, hopefully starting a dialogue on the subject and raising further awareness on the topic. 

Organise fun themed events – you can do this through hosting an ultrasound-based trivia game, organising a themed night out within your network, or a conference dedicated to it. 

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