Whether you are looking for a replacement ultrasound system due to equipment failure, need an interim solution to cover downtime, or require additional resources due to increased demand – leasing an ultrasound system is a great option.

In this article, we explore the benefits that leasing an ultrasound can offer hospitals, clinics, and practices.

Better quality

Older, second-hand ultrasound systems are cheaper, but they don’t offer the same quality or advanced technology that brand new machines do. Leasing provides access to high-quality, advanced equipment without the costly price tag.

Provide a better service

When you use the very best equipment, you can provide the very best service. Brand new equipment offers the latest advances in technology and innovation which is something that older machines cannot.

No initial outlay

When leasing, only a small deposit is required to secure your ultrasound system, followed by manageable monthly payments. This is a great option for start-ups and new departments who require good-quality ultrasound equipment but have limited budgets.

Conserve and control cash

A brand-new ultrasound system could set you back anywhere from £20,000 to £200,000, which would make a substantial dent in your working capital. Leasing allows you to conserve your working capital for other expenses such as staff wages, utilities, and emergencies.

No unpredictable costs

Leasing a brand-new machine means any unlikely repair costs are covered under warranty. This eliminates the risk of having to fork out for unpredictable and costly repair bills that an older machine would come with.

Lease your ultrasound equipment from Imagex Medical

At Imagex Medical, we offer affordable ultrasound leasing options for veterinary clinics, baby scan clinics, hospitals, and universities. Choose from a selection of the latest machines from leading manufacturers such as Siemens, GE, Philips, and Canon at a price that suits you.

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