Ultrasound has been used as a diagnostic tool across the entire medical field for decades; from monitoring foetal growth in pregnancy, to detecting abdominal cancers and ulcers. However, ultrasound is more than just a method of detection, in fact, it can be used as both a treatment and a therapy across medicine.

Due to its healing properties, ultrasound is used as a form of treatment more often than we might think. In addition, ultrasound also provides soothing and pain-easing benefits, making it a great option for pain management therapy.

We often see sports therapists and physiotherapists use ultrasound to not only detect injuries, but to also help treat them and manage the pain associated with them.

Ultrasound is a popular ‘go to’ therapy or treatment choice across medicine because it is non-invasive, drug-free, and easily accessible. Using only soundwaves, ultrasound can penetrate tissues within the body, generating friction and heat which gently creates movement within the tissues. This movement within the tissue promotes healing and helps to ease pain. Although it does sounds painful, ultrasound therapy is completely pain free, and the heat and friction that we mention cannot be felt by the recipient at all.

Ultrasound therapy is a great way to increase blood flow due to the friction it creates in the body, making it a popular method of treatment for reducing swelling in arthritis suffers and those with injuries.

In addition to this, due to its gentle ‘heating’ nature, ultrasound therapy can help to ease the pain of sports injuries, swelling around joins and fluid build-up in the body.

Overall, ultrasound is a hugely versatile detection, treatment and therapy method that is easily accessible across the entire medical field.

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