Since 2014, Clarius has dedicated itself to making high-definition, portable, and inexpensive ultrasound accessible to experts across the entire medical field. Following the success of the original device, Clarius then made it their mission to offer the same great benefits to veterinarians worldwide.


After years of extensive development, Clarius launched the HD3 veterinary scanner range comprising three scanners, all equipped with several dedicated pre-sets for fast and accurate imaging of animals of any size.


These iPhone-sized scanners use a combination of artificial intelligence and eight beamformers to deliver high-definition imaging (the type of quality you expect from top-of-the-range cart-based systems).


C7 HD3 Vet

Ideal for small to medium-sized animals such as rabbits, cats, and dogs, this device is the most popular choice for practices that primarily treat domestic pets.


C3 HD3 Vet

The best option for livestock veterinarians, this device is ideal for scanning larger animals such as sheep, pigs, and cows.


L7 HD3 Vet

Ideal equine veterinarians, this device makes MSK ultrasound imaging quick and easy.


Fast track ultrasounds  

No more waiting for cart-based ultrasounds to become available or asking patients to return the next day. Scan your patient immediately and instantly get the results you need, so you can make a diagnosis and deliver the correct treatment.


Stress-free for you and the animal

Getting picked up, being transported to an ultrasound room, and being restrained are just some anxiety-inducing disadvantages traditional cart-based ultrasound presents to pets. However, with Clarius, you can simply walk into any room to scan an animal with little to no disruption.


Wireless and portable

Wireless and working on a WI-FI direct basis means complete freedom and the ability to scan animals anywhere, making it an excellent option for emergency and critical veterinary work where time is of the essence.


Quick and easy sanitisation

Thanks to its fully enclosed and sealed magnesium shell, the device is easy to sterilise and keep clean.


Keep all your work in one place

Store, manage, and share your files with an easy-to-use IOS and Android-compatible app.


A complete Ultrasound system for just £3850, this range is an excellent addition to any practice and is a relatively small price to pay for its great benefits.


Want to speak to us about adding Clarius to your veterinary practice? Give our team a call on 0330 0165 545.