Did you know that you don’t necessarily have to replace your broken probes? In many cases, repairs on damaged or faulty probes can be carried out for a fraction of the cost of a replacement new or used ultrasound transducer.

Here at Imagex, we offer probe repair and refurbishment for a variety of ultrasound probes, including convex, phased array, linear, and TEE for a wide range of manufacturers.

Our fully trained technicians can perform common Standard Probe Repairs, including:

  • Crystal Dropout
  • Connector Damage
  • Probe Casing Damage
  • Cable Jacket Damage
  • Full Cosmetic Refurbishment
  • Transducer Lens Replacement
  • Strain Relief Recasting
  • Cable Replacement

As well as TOE/TEE Probe Repairs including:

  • Lens Replacement
  • Bending Neck Rubbers
  • Cable Jacket Repair
  • Insertion Tube Recoat/Relabel
  • Connector Repair
  • Articulation Cable Replacement
  • Thermistor Replacement
  • Motor Control Repair

While some repairs are relatively easy and cost-effective, our expert technicians will evaluate your transducer for repair and make recommendations on whether to repair, replace, or keep your transducer.

Why choose us?

  • All repaired transducers undergo comprehensive post-repair testing, and a detailed report will be supplied with the repaired transducer.
  • We are an approved supplier of services to the NHS.
  • We don’t outsource repairs – everything is fixed here in the UK.
  • We are centrally located in the midlands so we can collect your broken equipment and deliver it working again, quickly.
  • We can provide you with fully functional equipment while we are working on your own to minimise downtime.
  • We have a 97% first fix rate.

Have a broken ultrasound probe? Need a fast and efficient repair service so you can get scanning again? Contact us today to discuss your enquiry with one of our friendly and professional team.