Your ultrasound probe is essential for diagnosing the causes of pain, swelling, and infection in the body. Following the appropriate handling and care practices will extend the life of your equipment, facilitate better patient care and reduce repair costs. 

Follow these tips to prolong the life of your ultrasound probe, reduce wear and tear, and prevent the risk of expensive damage. 

Inspect your probe regularly 

Much like all other devices used in diagnostic testing, ultrasound probes must be kept in good working order and regularly serviced by professionals to identify issues before they turn into expensive faults. 

Properly secure transducers when not being used 

Never allow the probe head to hang loosely by the cable. After use, always return your probe to its appropriate stand to ensure it does not fall and break. 

Always handle with care 

Take great care when handling or transporting your probe, as improper care can cause significant damage. Below are some general rules that apply when handling all types of ultrasound probes: 

  • Do not allow the probe to bump into hard surfaces 
  • Always secure your probe when not in use 
  • Do not drop your probe 
  • Always follow manufacturer-approved cleaning/disinfection methods 
  • If you store your probe in a drawer, ensure it is lined with foam to prevent knocking 
  • Keep cables straight and not wound up 
  • Transport TEE transducers in hard containers  
  • Clean your probe after every use. 

Keep cables straight and not wound up 

Storing your cables wound up repeatedly puts stress on them, causing them to bend and split. Once your cable has split it will need replacing, which can be costly and cause downtime, which you want to avoid. 

Always use approved cleaning/disinfection methods 

Your probe’s lens is exceptionally fragile, and any damage or wear can affect its performance. When cleaning your probe’s lens, only use soft manufacturer-approved wipes to gently wipe over it (never rub). 

It goes without saying that the better you care for your ultrasound probe, the better service you can provide for your patient. In addition, proper care will also prolong the life of your probe, reduce damage, and prevent expensive faults, which means increased cost savings in the long run. 

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