One of the first indicators of a damaged ultrasound probe is image dropout. Image dropout usually presents itself in the form of black or white lines (known as banding), which is either static or moving across the ultrasound image screen.  

Using a broken or damaged probe poses a considerable risk to both you and your patient; electric shock, cross-contamination, and even images that could lead to misdiagnosis. 

Being one of the most important components of an ultrasound machine, it’s vital that you get your broken probe repaired or replaced the minute you detect signs of image dropout or notice any damage. 

But which option is best?  

Most people opt to have their damaged probes replaced without even exploring the repair route. Surprisingly, a high percentage of the damaged probes we process in our lab for replacement are actually repairable.  

If you have noticed signs of banding on your screen, it has most likely been caused by damaged elements or internal electronics. Some of the most common types of repairable damage we see in our lab include: 

Lens membrane replacement – The lens membrane is the soft coating that surrounds the probe lens and is intended to protect it from damage. Although this membrane is designed to be durable, over time it does degrade.  

Broken or damaged connector – The connector is the area of the probe which plugs into the ultrasound machine. Often, due to continual movement, the connector bends and becomes ineffective. 

Strain Relief replacement – This is the part of the probe that supports the connector and is designed to relieve the stress from the cable connections themselves and prevent them from breaking. After time, these become worn and no longer support the connector and need replacing. 

Overall, deciding whether to repair or replace your damaged ultrasound probe will essentially come down to the type and severity of the damage. If you are unsure, consider getting a second opinion from the probe repair and replacement experts. Let our friendly and professional ultrasound probe repair team assess your equipment and recommend the best option. 

We offer our specialist repair and replacement services for most ultrasound manufacturers, including GE, Siemens, and Philips. If you want to speak to our team about your broken or damaged ultrasound probe, please call us on 0330 0165 545.