Purchasing the latest ultrasound equipment can be costly, and the repair and servicing costs of maintaining an older machine can quickly add up. That’s why we provide a simple rental solution that allows our clients to rent the latest ultrasound equipment from leading manufacturers.

Imagex Medical can support you with a cost effective way to rent the latest ultrasound equipment.  We can support you with the latest portable ultrasound equipment and static machines* from the leading manufacturers. We can supply your system fully configured to your requirements, just as if you were purchasing a new one!

In addition to this, there are no additional service contracts to take out or fears of an expensive repair bill, should your system break down. We incorporate this into the monthly ultrasound rental cost so there is nothing to worry about, just hassle free scanning with contained costs.

You have access to the latest equipment

With our rental service, all the equipment is brand new. Meaning you have access to the latest and best quality equipment available to the industry.

No initial outlay

Sometimes cashflow can prevent you from being able to purchase brand new and expensive equipment. With our rental service, there is no initial outlay and the cost is spread a

No servicing and repair costs

All the equipment is brand new and will be covered by a warranty. Therefore, you wont have to pay for repairs should something go wrong and most new machines wont need servicing for a while.

One single invoice

We send one single invoice to you each month.

Did you know that we can even supply your machine fully preconfigured for ease?