At Imagex Medical, we are passionate about what we do. We strive to provide a first-class service to all of our clients; past, present and new. Below we have compiled a list of the top reasons why you should choose us for your next probe repair.

We are an approved supplier of services to the NHS

We are trusted by the NHS to provide essential probe repair and diagnostics services to their hospitals up and down the country. We also provide these services to many private imaging firms and hospitals across the UK.

We are centrally located

Our Head Offices, including our Repair Centre are centrally located in the Midlands meaning we have fast access to the necessary transport links to get us anywhere in the country as rapidly as we can.

This pays dividends when our clients need their probes collected, repaired and delivered quickly and efficiently.

We offer a rapid telephone service

Sometimes it is just not cost-effective or efficient to have your machine collected, taken away and repaired and then redelivered. That is why we offer a rapid ‘over the phone’ diagnostic service to help you diagnose the problem over the phone and determine course of action needs to be taken without taking the machine away from you.

We provide our clients with the opportunity to rent the latest ultrasound equipment

We can provide you with the latest portable ultrasound equipment and static machines from the leading manufacturers. These can arrive fully configured to your requirements, just as if you were purchasing a new one.

This eliminates additional service contracts and fears of an expensive repair bill, should your system break down.

For ease, we incorporate this into the monthly ultrasound rental cost so there is nothing to worry about, just hassle-free scanning with contained costs and one single invoice.

We have a 97% first fix rate

We have been repairing ultrasound equipment for years and we are confident that we can diagnose your problem and fix it as quickly as possible, so that you can get back to scanning again.

Want to get in touch with us. Head over to our contact page and contact one of our friendly and professional team who will be happy to discuss your enquiry in more detail.