With an unrivalled reputation for quality and attention to detail, our ultrasound maintenance and probe repair service have transformed the ultrasound service industry. We strive to provide the highest level of service from start to finish. This means that whether you call one of our engineers for a telephone diagnosis, or you meet with one of our team to discuss a bespoke IT project; you will receive only the best service from us.

In this blog post, we outline what we do to ensure the high-quality service that makes us stand out in our industry.

Our team members have decades of industry experience 

Imagex Medical started life in 2009, with our founders bringing together years of experience after working with a major original equipment manufacturer (OEM). With a vision to reduce associated costs for the NHS without compromising service levels, our team of engineers now maintain equipment throughout the UK on behalf of both the NHS and private imaging customers.

All of our service management team have OEM backgrounds and are best placed to support your unique ultrasound service requirements. 

Ongoing training and development

We are always offering our technicians and engineers additional training and development where possible. This not only ensures that they grow professionally, but it also expands our service offering – improving the service we can offer.

A vast service offering

From ongoing maintenance and repairs to the state of the art equipment rentals we provide; we offer an extensive range of ultrasound and imaging services for our clients.

Why choose us?

  • We aim for a quick turnaround, every time.
  • We operate the ONLY dedicated ultrasound service & probe repair facility in the UK.
  • We can provide a loaner probe if you need one.
  • We can deliver your machine preconfigured.
  • We offer an ‘over the phone’ diagnosis. 
  • We are an approved supplier of services to the NHS.

Would you like to know more about Imagex Medical? Maybe you would like to discuss a partnership with a member of our team? Get in touch with us today.