Servicing your ultrasound equipment is a ‘must’ for many reasons. However, services usually only come around once a year or so. So, what can you do in between these service appointments to ensure you keep your equipment in the best possible condition?

In the blog post, we outline what you can do to help take care of your ultrasound machine between services.

Keep your equipment clean

Keeping your ultrasound equipment clean is vital, particularly in a medical setting, and even more so now, during a global pandemic. 

It’s essential to keep your equipment clean in between services to prevent dirt and debris buildup, which can cause functionality issues. 

Always remember to use products specified as ‘safe for use’ in the manufacturer’s guidelines when cleaning your equipment. 

Keep it dust free

Most ultrasound machines have an inbuilt fan, which intakes clean, cool air to prevent the device from overheating. Naturally, these fans often suck in dust from the surrounding area, which is then collected by the filter on the outside of the machine. If the filter isn’t cleaned regularly, dust will build up, preventing the fan from intaking enough air to keep the machine cool, causing it to overheat.

If your machine overheats, it could cause internal damage and potentially stop working, not forgetting that it will become a safety risk if it becomes too hot.

To avoid this happening, clean the outside of your machine’s filter regularly to remove any dust buildup. 

Only use it in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions

When you first purchase any ultrasound equipment, you will receive instructions on using and caring for it. It is so important that you follow these instructions, as your ultrasound equipment is delicate, and misuse could cause permanent damage. 

Why should you have your ultrasound equipment serviced regularly?

There are so many benefits to having your ultrasound equipment regularly serviced, including:

  • Any problems are identified and fixed before they cause long-term damage.
  • Servicing helps to ensure that your machine is running correctly. 
  • It may void your warranty if you do not get your equipment serviced regularly. 

Do you need your ultrasound equipment servicing?

If your ultrasound equipment needs a service, get in touch with our team today. You can book your service with a qualified engineer by calling 01536 265335.